Consider Phlebas (Culture #1) by Iain M. Banks

I was a bit reluctant in starting these “Culture” series books, as I’ve noticed there’s a few of them, but my overall impression of the first one was more than positive.

I found a bit far-fetched the situation where one guy/race with super advanced technology could not be found because… aaa… did he forget his mobile in the space ship, or what?

Interesting fictional world and characters - three legged screaming religious thugs who are the good (?!?) guys, some shape shifting poisonous mutant main character, a hyper advanced culture where machines destroy entire planets to show their power - I’m telling you friends, this is not your typical back of the woods universe - it’s the Culture one.

The book has a rather gruesome scene at some point, but if you can’t stomach it, just skip it, book is overall fantastic!