The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

Right off the bat I need to say this book is absolutely wonderful. I was quite skeptical on the whole fantasy genre, and I was quite reluctant on getting it in the first place. But once you start reading it, you just can’t let it sit, you just need to know more and see the faith of the characters and how the action evolves.

First of all, the characters develop very organically and they feel natural given the story and the circumstances - hellooo… fantasy much? The landscapes are beautifully described - my first thought was China Mieville’s quite exquisite description of New Crobuzon - the ash falling everywhere and without a clear reason, the class difference between the skaa and the nobility, it really makes you thinking of just how in the old ages nobility had the upper hand, no matter what actions they undertook.

might contain spoilers

As any story, it has its quirks - and I must confess at this point I didn’t even finish the book - but the whole falling in love feels a bit forced, although I must admit not entirely impossible.