Infrastructure as Code - Kief Morris

Even though most of the ideas are quite implementation agnostic and they are rather higher level than going into the nitty gritty details, the book provides plenty of good approaches to the most commonly encountered situations when migrating from the so-called “iron age” to the much praised “cloud age”. When comparing this book with its period sibling - the SRE book - this feels better put together while aiming to help the readers to take the first steps in migrating their tools, monitoring, practices and finally infrastructure to a dynamically provisioned one. For starters in this wide domain I would definitely see this book as a prerequisite for the SRE book.

“For example it might take a member of the infrastructure team 5 to 10 minutes to provision a new server […]. But when the full cycle is analyzed […] the total time might vary from a minimum of 6 days up to 18 days.”

Part 1 / Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3 - Infra definition tools / Chapter 4 - Server configuration tools

Chapter 5 - General infra services

Chapter 6/7 - Provisioning Servers/Managing Server Templates

Chapter 8/9 - Updating Servers/Define Infrastructure

Chapter 10 - Sw eng. practices