RedHat LVM Doc

Logical Volume Manager - disks or partitions are managed as Physical Volumes (PV) - pvcreate /dev/xda1 - lvmdiskscan to identify all items which can be used as PVs - resize/remove the PVs w/ pvresize or pvremove - more PVs can be merged/striped into Volume Group (VG) - vgcreate volgrp1 /dev/sdd1 - adding PVs to VGs vgextend volgrp1 /dev/sde1 - vgmerge / vgsplit - more VGs can be merged into Logical Volumes (LV) - their size is considered in minimal extensible chunks, or extents - LVs can be thin-provisioned, appearing as more available space than actual space due to sharing between clients - SSDs can be used as cache for spinning disks - clustering can be managed by the Clustered Logical Volume Manager (CLVM) - LVs can be converted using lvconvert from RAID to linear and vice-versa