Site Reliability Engineering

Taken as a whole the book is good but not stellar.

Looking at individual chapters, as expected, some are really good but some feel a lot like blog posts from the internal/external engineering teams copy/pasted for the book. There is no cohesion that is transmitted through the entire book, and sometimes if feels like many pieces are stitched together to aim for something greater than its parts, and there it falls rather short.

Overall a bit too long for my taste, where it is also losing one “star” from the rating. I would recommend this book mostly to teams which are already quite advanced in their daily ops tasks and are not suffering from “cloud childhood issues”. On a fair point - also clearly stated inside the SRE book as well - not all things are applicable or can be ported to smaller teams or smaller infrastructure, as it won’t make any technical or commercial sense.

Book contains though many good ideas and practices, I’ll put down the a few of them: