Continuous Delivery

Overall a good book, you will need to have a clear picture idea of what’s CI as some underlying concepts are just skimmed over, not only CI related. One small hindrance is that it tends to repeat quite some ideas throughout the book, and it could have been shorter than the current iteration. An alternative approach is to focus on the interesting to you chapters, but even though there are lots of concepts introduced and covered, some need a lot of expansion to be really relevant for daily tasks.

Ch5 - Deployment pipeline

Ch6 - Build and deploy scripting

Ch7 - Commit stage

Ch8 - Automated Acceptance Testing

Ch 9 - Non Functional Requirements

Ch 10 - Deploying and Releasing Applications

Ch 11 - Managing Infra and Environments

Ch 12 - Manging Data

Ch 13 - Managing Components and Dependencies

Ch 14 - Advanced version control

Ch 15 - Managing Continuous Delivery

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