The Cucumber Book: BDD for Testers and Developers by Matt Wayne

The book, even if it’s targeted towards the Ruby crowd is useful for the other frameworks parsing Gherkin as well, such as Behave/Lettuce for Python or Concordion/Cucumber-JVM for well, you know… Java

The first ten or so chapters have a really nice progress of testing and at a same time drafting an application that is of course focussed on Cucumber. Lots of tips as well as ways of working and avoiding common pitfalls are presented throughout the chapters. Also throughout the book you’ll find not only useful Cucumber tailored techniques but also things which apply in a continuous integration environment. As the focus is also on the environment, you can find various Ruby frameworks which can be used for you daily tasks regarding the Cucumber framework. A couple worth mentioning are ActiveRecord (working with databases), HTTParty/Sinatra (RESTful services), Capybara (AJAX pages), Database cleaner (consistent state of DB)

Below you can find some “might-be-useful” ideas from the book:

As usual, you can find the book on Amazon or Goodreads, if you’re looking for more information or a place to grab a copy.