Woken Furies by Richard Morgan

In the last installment of the Takeshi Kovacs series, we whole universe built around the possibility of transferring your mind in a synthetic body. As the volume is a wee bit longer than the others, more times goes into details, background story and expanding between the connections between the characters and the environment. This makes it a longer read, but the readers familiar with the environment will find more enjoyable and the story will be even more enticing than before. And again, as more space is devoted to everything we will get more insights into the spirits of the protagonist and on the implications of their actions.

One cool thing is that throughout the book there are references to Romanian names and or famous people and folklore, so extra points to Morgan for that. All in all definitely a great way to round off the series, and to bring back the action and the dark feeling of the first book of the series.

As usual, you can find the book on Amazon or Goodreads, if you’re looking for more information or a place to get a grab of one copy.