4 Hour Work Week

I was really eager to get my hands on the 4 Hour Work Week by T. Ferriss book, and some friends thought it would be a nice gift - thanks guys.

Now, with somewhat mixed feelings I was going through the book, and about half-way through I realized it’s not all the way roses. Not that I would have expected that a “personal improvement” book was delivering 100% of what the cover mentioned, but I feel that I need to go over a couple of items at least. First and foremost, one pet peeve of mine is when people calculate your time off work as market rate. Paraphrasing, if you’re making 30USD/hour and instead of doing 1 hour of some sort of work at home - let’s say cooking - and eat out for 10USD, then you’re 20USD richer. The other thing that really annoyed me is pushing some of your work to others - being PAs or other colleagues. I understand the idea of people working for you but there is a thin line between being a jerk and being as effective as possible, and I’m not very sure that the author doesn’t cross it on purpose. There are also a couple of good resources on SEO, promoting your website and getting a site up and ready to receive visitors in no-time. Also towards the end of the book there are many references to other sites and resources that might be useful.

Other than some, let’s call them, more exotic ideas of how to do stuff, I am fully on board with what the author is promoting. Reading between the lines and looking at what he calls the “New Rich” way of life is what the the whole society should strive for: working more efficiently, and focusing (at least) some of your energy and time on things you find uplifting and really love to do - being your own project or your family.

As usual, you can find the book on Amazon or Goodreads, if you’re looking for more information.